Youth Academy

About PAYA

The Performing Arts Youth Academy is open to children and teens ages 7-17, and is geared towards students who already have performing arts experience and ability, but all interested students are encouraged to audition. We are able to accept up to 30 students in the program. Participants will be selected via the audition process. 

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Students will receive intensive instruction from mentors skilled and experienced in performing arts - theatre arts, music and dance.

The program will culminate with 2 performances in late-July. There will be both an afternoon and evening performance that day. 

Program Details

PAYA is a two-week summer program running in July - exact dates will be provided soon. 

Audition Information

The program will be located at Adams Middle School in Brentwood. To avoid distractions, we ask that parents refrain from being present during classes / rehearsals. An adult member of the Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble Board of Directors will be present at all times.

All interested students must audition prior to registering for the program. 

Auditions will be held in the Spring. Full details will be provided soon.

The Director of the Performing Arts Youth Academy is Isaiah Mateas, a young director who has worked with hundreds of children in previous productions. Isaiah will be joined by other mentors who will assist with instruction and production tasks, and additional oversight will be provided by adult members of Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble's Board of Directors. 

Welcome to Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble‚Äôs inaugural youth program, Performing Arts Youth Academy (PAYA)! We will soon be announcing our 2019 production, with associated audition dates. 
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