keepin' the light on

Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble recognized at the Shellie Awards - 08/09/18
We've had an amazing season, and look forward to our upcoming shows - Showcase 2019: From the Heart on February 2nd, Festival 10 - A Treasury of 10-Minute Plays on March 30th, and our mainstage production of Honk! in July, along with our Performing Arts Youth Academy show, which will also be performed in July. 
Congratulations to all of our nominees, and to the entire cast and crew for both shows.
About Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble: 
Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble is comprised of a seasoned team of performers, technicians and educators with extensive theatrical training and experience. Through its network of support developed with local government, businesses, schools and non-profit organizations, Ghostlight engages community members in its mission, encouraging local talent, backstage personnel and others to create live theater that may be enjoyed on both sides of the lights. Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble is excited to bring the gift of live theatre to East Contra Costa County, and to know that our efforts are keepin' the light on for our community. For more information, and to find out how you can support Ghostlight's efforts, visit

Actress in a Musical: Mikayla Thompson, Man of La Mancha
Actor in a Musical: Richard Howarter, Man of La Mancha
Supporting Actress in a Musical: Hayley Finetti, Man of La Mancha
Supporting Actor in a Musical: Chris Finetti, Man of La Mancha
Director of a Musical: Helen Moore Dixon, Man of La Mancha
Music Direction: Jeff Kumagi & Susan Stuart, Man of La Mancha
Choreography: Kathryn Lopez, Man of La Mancha
Costume Design of a Musical: Helen Moore Dixon, Man of La Mancha
Scenic Design of a Musical: Shara Main, Man of La Mancha
Lighting Design of a Musical: Shara Main, Man of La Mancha
Outstanding Musical Production: Man of La Mancha


Actress in a Play: Helen Moore Dixon, Calendar Girls (BTC)
Actor in a Play: Ron Craven, Calendar Girls (BTC)
Supporting Actress in a Play: Lisa Luttinger, Calendar Girls (BTC)
Supporting Actor in a Play: Alex Hoos, Calendar Girls (BTC)
Director of a Play: Kal Berns, Calendar Girls (BTC)
Costume Design of a Play: Helen Moore Dixon, Calendar Girls (BTC)
Scenic Design of a Play: Kal Berns, Calendar Girls (BTC)
Outstanding Play Production: Calendar Girls (BTC)
keepin' the light on
It was an exciting evening at last night's 40th Annual Shellie Awards, an event founded to recognize outstanding achievement in the performing arts in the Contra Costa / Diablo Valley region. Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble was particularly proud to to be honored with the first award of the night, with a win going to Chris Finetti for "Supporting Actor in a Musical" for his hilarious and heartwarming portrayal of Sancho in Ghostlight's production of Man of La Mancha. Then, Ghostlight's General Manager, Shara Main, was recognized for her outstanding contributions to the performing arts. The audience was treated to performances from the casts of a host of nominated productions. The cast of Man of La Mancha performed The Impossible Dream, and the cast of Calendar Girls performed an iconic scene from their play.