About Shara Main

Shara Main - General Manager

keepin' the light on

Shara grew up in a family that was focused on music and theater. As a child, she was part of the original Brentwood Community theater with Nancy Torres, and was hooked from then on. She went to Liberty High School and found her true passion for the tech side of theater. She also was an active member in the band and choir.
At Liberty, Shara was able to be part of all aspects of putting on a great production, and was always challenged by Helen Dixon to do better and never settle for “good enough.” She had thought of becoming a music teacher like her grandfather, but realized that she would rather spend 15 hours in a theater than 15 minutes practicing and soon began looking for a college that would give her that option. 
She graduated from Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts in 2005. Shara has worked in professional theaters, but has always wanted to give something back to the local community like Helen and Nancy gave to her. She is so excited so be started this next chapter with some amazing people next to her with the same vision, passion, energy, and want for this community.
Throughout her tenure at Ghostlight, Shara has worked tirelessly as our in-house technical director for our productions, including Man of La Mancha, Ken Ludwig's The Fox on the Fairway, The Dixie Swim Club, FESTIVAL 10, HONK!, Misdeeds at Mistletoe Mine, Vintage Murder, Vintage Hitchcock, our PAYA productions, our showcases, and more!