Mike Morris - PAYA Technical Crew Academy Instructor / Lighting & Sound Designer

keepin' the light on

Mike Morris is a lighting and sound professional who loves inspiring and sharing his passion for live theater with young people. He has been assisting with drama programs and mentoring Bay Area elementary, middle, and high school students in technical theater for more than 16 years. Mike's been involved with the Brentwood Theater Company, and now Ghostlight Theater Ensemble since 2016.

About Mike Morris

Mike has been instrumental in providing light and sound for all of Ghostlight's productions. We are so excited to have him on-board to lead the next generation of technical theatre hobbiests and professionals right here in our community. Finding qualified and trained crew members is one of the greatest challenges community theatres face. All of us have seen shows that suffer from poor sound quality and/or a dimly lit stage that shrouds performers in shadow. Through our new PAYA Technical Crew Academy, Ghostlight will change that for our own productions, as well as productions of other nearby theatre groups.