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Main Stage

We are so thrilled to bring something new, creative and exciting to our community - introducing Festival10 - Treasury of 10-Minute Plays, a one-day play festival showcasing the breadth of talent in East Contra Costa County!

Performance Date:

  • Sunday, March 31st
  • TWO performances, each with entirely different sets of plays!
  • The first set of plays will performed at 3pm, and the second set of plays will be performed at 7pm.
  • Purchase a discounted "double-header ticket" to attend both shows, and see ALL of the plays in the festival!



Please join us for this very special event, and renew your passion for all that live theatre brings - or fall in love with theatre for the very first time. With several short pieces being performed in one day, you'll find there is something for everyone, making this a truly fun and memorable event!
Brentwood Community Center
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
Standard Ticket: Good for a single performance -  must choose 3pm or 7pm.
During this amazing event, you'll be treated to numerous short plays produced "black box style," enabling you to focus on the stories and characters you'll meet throughout this very special day.
Each short play has its own director and cast, supported by Ghostlight's Artistic Director, Helen Dixon. You'll recognize many of the faces you'll see, but some will be gracing our stage for the very first time. We are so pleased that our Ghostlight family continues to expand, enabling us to share our love for local live theatre with an ever-growing community of performers, technicians and theater-goers.

Join us for an incredible evening of both published and original 10-minute plays produced by talented actors and directors right here in our community


MARCH 31, 2019

Double-Header Ticket: Gets you in to BOTH performances, enabling you to see ALL plays in the festival.
  • Adults: $18 standard ticket OR just $28 for a double-header ticket
  • Seniors 60+: $15 for standard ticket OR just $25 for a double-header ticket
  • Teens/College Students w/ID: $15 for standard ticket OR just $25 for a double-header ticket
  • Children 12 & Under: $10 for a standard ticket OR just $15 for a double-header ticket
NOTE: Not recommended for children under 10.

------------------------------------------Play Set One - 3pm-------------------------------------------------

My Scale is Lying to Me by Scott Mullen
Directed by Isaiah Mateas
Cast: Courtney Fink, Michelle Guizamano, Corey Navarro
Open to Interpretation by Ken Bradbury
Directed by Wayne Grace
Cast: Ana-Carolina Lustosa, John Ruzicka
The Funeral by Benjamin Allen
Directed by Chris Finetti
Cast: Nancy Hemsley, Kara Thomaselli
Dollars and Sense by Susan Shear
Senior Academy - Brentwood
Cast: Cathy Ashland, Barb Bettencourt,
             Karen Rudie, Mary Ann Smith
Cell Phone Epidemic by Claudia Ingles Hass
Directed by Charlie Rowland
Cast: Sophie Gomberg, Lisa Luttinger, Renee Rowland
Heart to Heart by Eric Weill
Senior Academy - Brentwood
Cast: Alice Bauman, Marti Goldufsky, Alicia Watson
No Thanks, Mr. Shakespeare by E.R. Schultz
Directed by Lisa Luttinger
Cast: Neftali Jimenez, Josh Velasquez, Mary Wardak
1-800 by Joseph Sorrintino
Directed by Kal Berns
Cast: Isaiah Mateas, John Ruzicka
Lunch with Eddie by Drena Heizer
Senior Academy - Antioch
Cast: Beverly Boldy, Sharon Hayes, Kermit Sveen
Grace by Celeste Bonfanti
Directed by Abigail Phalen
Cast: Ethan Davis, Desty Shoemaker
How Could You? by Bara Swain
Senior Academy - Antioch
Cast: Nancy Hemsley, Yvette Niccolls
The Prize by Arthur Keyser
Senior Academy - Brentwood
Cast: John Kopping, Karen Rudie, Diane Stockman
Choices by Dan Bancroft
Directed by Jack Gaughan
Cast: Cathy Ashland, Kevin Coren, Claire Raines
Private Eye by Drena Heizer
Senior Academy - Brentwood
Cast: Mike Spellman, Ella Wolfe
I Hate Cats! by Chris Widney
Directed by Justin Crawford
Cast: Tori Gregory, Neftali Jimenez, Mary Wardak

------------------------------------------Play Set Two - 7pm-------------------------------------------------

You Haven't Changed a Bit by Donna Hoke
Directed by Sigrid Harris
Cast: Ruth Costa, Bill Dietz