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Festival 10 Tickets

We are so glad that you would like to attend Festival 10 - A Treasury of 10-Minute Plays! This play festival is comprised of two entirely different sets of plays. You can choose to purchase a standard ticket to see just Set One at 3pm, or just Set Two at 7pm. OR you can see ALL of the plays if you purchase a double-header ticket! 

------------------------------------------Play Set One - 3pm-------------------------------------------------

My Scale is Lying to Me by Scott Mullen
Directed by Isaiah Mateas
Cast: Courtney Fink, Michelle Guizamano, Corey Navarro
Open to Interpretation by Ken Bradbury
Directed by Wayne Grace
Cast: Ana-Carolina Lustosa, John Ruzicka
The Funeral by Benjamin Allen
Directed by Chris Finetti
Cast: Nancy Hemsley, Kara Thomaselli
Dollars and Sense by Susan Shear
Senior Academy - Brentwood
Cast: Cathy Ashland, Barb Bettencourt,
             Karen Rudie, Mary Ann Smith
Cell Phone Epidemic by Claudia Ingles Hass
Directed by Charlie Rowland
Cast: Sophie Gomberg, Lisa Luttinger, Renee Rowland
Heart to Heart by Eric Weill
Senior Academy - Brentwood
Cast: Alice Bauman, Marti Goldufsky, Alicia Watson
No Thanks, Mr. Shakespeare by E.R. Schultz
Directed by Lisa Luttinger
Cast: Neftali Jimenez, Josh Velasquez, Mary Wardak
1-800 by Joseph Sorrintino
Directed by Kal Berns
Cast: Isaiah Mateas, John Ruzicka
Lunch with Eddie by Drena Heizer
Senior Academy - Antioch
Cast: Beverly Boldy, Sharon Hayes, Kermit Sveen
Grace by Celeste Bonfanti
Directed by Abigail Phalen
Cast: Ethan Davis, Desty Shoemaker
How Could You? by Bara Swain
Senior Academy - Antioch
Cast: Nancy Hemsley, Yvette Niccolls
The Prize by Arthur Keyser
Senior Academy - Brentwood
Cast: John Kopping, Karen Rudie, Diane Stockman
Choices by Dan Bancroft
Directed by Jack Gaughan
Cast: Cathy Ashland, Kevin Coren, Claire Raines
Private Eye by Drena Heizer
Senior Academy - Brentwood
Cast: Mike Spellman, Ella Wolfe
I Hate Cats! by Chris Widney
Directed by Justin Crawford
Cast: Tori Gregory, Neftali Jimenez, Mary Wardak

------------------------------------------Play Set Two - 7pm-------------------------------------------------

You Haven't Changed a Bit by Donna Hoke
Directed by Sigrid Harris
Cast: Ruth Costa, Bill Dietz
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