Linda Pauline - Costume Coordinator for PAYA

keepin' the light on

Linda Pauline has been involved in making clothes and costumes for more than 15 years and is excited to bring her talents to the PAYA program. Linda has assisted in making costumes for several drama programs including several after school programs, Edna Hill, Brentwood Teen Theater and Ghostlight Theater.

About Linda Pauline

We are so excited to have Linda as our Costume Coordinator for our 2021 PAYA production of The Wind in the Willows, Young@Part! 
Linda was seen on-screen in our Zoom production of Vintage Hitchcock (Detective Inspector Talbot in "Sabotage" and a Music Hall Usher in "The 39 Steps"). She and her daughters also  designed, edited and ran all of the sound for the production. Her efforts were recognized with a Ghostlight Spotlight Award. She also appeared in Ghostlight's production of Vintage Murder and served as a parent volunteer for last year's PAYA production of Heroes & Villains.