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Festival 10 Tickets

We are so glad that you would like to attend Festival 10 - A Treasury of 10-Minute Plays! This play festival is comprised of two entirely different sets of plays. You can choose to purchase a standard ticket to see just Set One or just Set Two OR you can see ALL of the plays for a discounted rate if you purchase a double-header ticket! 

Play Set One - Friday March 25th at 7pm or Saturday March 26th at 2pm 

The Helpmate by Drena Heizer
Directed by Kal Berns
Cast: John Kopping, Robert Marcus, Yvette Niccolls
One of the Great Ones by Chris Widney
Directed by Nikki De Souza
Cast: Arden Commins, James Dozier,
            Heather Taylor, Claire Raines
The Lady and the Lawyer by Alex Abrams
Directed by Chuck Phalen
Cast: Troy Pauline, Sydney Stull
Little Black Dress by Bara Swain
Directed by Scott Tsubota
Cast: Cynthia Geddes, Nancy Hemsley, Kelly Hansen
Mona Lisa and the Ethiopian Cookbook by George Loukides 
Directed by Ray Hefner
Cast: Lisa LaBute, Chaya Rowland
Unveiling Cyrano by John Ruzicka
Directed by Josh Velazquez
Cast: Tori Gregory, Teddy Hall, Ava Venezia
The Draft Board by Geff Moyer
Directed by Kaedyn Shuttlesworth
Cast: Chaz Callahan, Jordan Pauline
The Secret Life of Phones by Dwayne Yancy
Directed by Teresa Grosserode
Cast: Kevin Coren, Linda Pauline,
             Peggy Scalise, Mike Spellman
You Must Be This Tall by Scott Mullen
Directed by Tori Gregory
Cast: John Kopping, Ryan McComas, Chaya Rowland
The Garden Dragon by Shirley King
Directed by Danielle Childs
Cast: Juniper Balderas, Annalise Miesen, Chris Phalen
Finding Help by Marjorie O'Neill-Butler
Directed by Kathryn Lopez
Cast: Kelly Hansen, Jere'Miah McGhee, Mary Ann Smith
The Gift by Mike Spellman
Directed by Ella Wolfe
Cast: Cynthia Geddes, Monty LaBute
My Heart Has Legs by Ben Botello
Directed by Ben Botello
Cast: JD Dozier, Heather Taylor, June Tilley, Ava Venezia
Reservations by Kristine Mietzner
Directed by Helen Moore Dixon
Cast: Ben Botello, Deborah Greene, Casey Standridge
Where's This Train Going? by Bruce Guelden
Directed by Michael Wilson
Cast: Kevin Coren, Kathleen Rose, Milton Smith
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Play Set Two - Saturday March 26th at 7pm or Sunday March 27th at 2pm 

NOTE: Advance tickets are close to selling out - first try to purchase your tickets by clicking the applicable button above; however, if our system doesn't allow you to purchase online, you can still get tickets at the door.