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Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Our charity EIN# 82-5195442.

“Once upon a time for about 15 years, I had been very involved with theatre. Being a starving actor was a dollar less than a starving musician so I chose to pursue being a starving musician and left theatre behind. In the ensuing decades, I toured with bands, sang with a local chorus, and started a very humble record company producing 34 archival and original albums. During that time, I had often thought of hitting the boards once again. My grandaughter, Abigail, had been after me for years to get back into theatre. I set an audition date and committed. I found a monologue and dusted off a couple of old musical tunes and started rehearsing for the audition. I gave it my all and landed a dual role plus I got to be onstage with my three eldest grandchildren. An experience I shall cherish forever. Ghostlight brings people together with different skills, all working and playing towards a common goal. As I see it, being around so many talented people both young and old, each one supportive of the other, is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. As participants we carry that camaraderie forever. Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble represents a large part of the meaning of community, and yes, even the definition of family. Abigail, I did it!... and thank you.”
Chuck Phalen
Performer & Sound Crew