About Us

What is a ghostlight? Sneak into a theater late at night, and you might find the only source of light is a single uncovered bulb on a tall stand at center stage. Some say ghostlights ward off evil spirits by fooling them into thinking the building is occupied, and it’s bad luck (and bad business) for a theater to be dark without a show. Leaving a ghostlight on is a way of making sure the house is always lit.
Mission Statement
Board of Directors
Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble is led by a seasoned team of performers, technicians and educators with extensive theatrical training and experience. Through its network of support developed with local government, businesses, schools and non-profit organizations, Ghostlight engages community members in its mission, encouraging local talent, backstage personnel and others to create live theater that may be enjoyed on both sides of the lights. 

The mission of Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble is to entertain, educate and enrich our circle of local communities by offering diverse and quality theatrical experiences.
Summer Showcase Highlight Reel

keepin' the light on